I know how it is.  

You want what you want right?

Would you like to get exactly the piece of Art you want?    

Consider commissioning me to do a piece for you.  I have years of experience as a scenic artist for the Theater and as muralist in private homes so I am accustomed to listening to clients and making their visions come to life!  Contact me with what ever information you have and let's get started!

This comes with a guarantee.  

How can I offer that?  More importantly is the why.  I want you to love your piece.  The last thing I want its for you to have a piece of mine that you are not pleased with.  So in the event you are not completely satisfied with the piece, you need not pay the balance and I keep the piece and the downpayment.  Read more about this process below.  

Here are a few questions you should consider...

  1. What media (oil, watercolor, graphite, etc.) do you prefer?
  2. What size (or size range) are you considering?
  3. What is your budget range?
  4. What is your deadline?
  5. What is the purpose of the piece? (Do you have a specific location in your house for the piece or is it a gift?) and if it is a gift, what can you tell me about the receiver’s tastes?)
  6. What colors do you like or dislike?  (if you are not sure, I recommend going to Pinterest and making an art board of images you like.  This can help you recognize you own sense of style and would be helpful for me to understand the same.
  7. Do you have a specific image or photograph in mind?

For Commission Pricing :  Click Here

For Information on How Commissions Work:  Click Here

For Pictures and Explanation of My Process:  Click Here